Thank You Notes – Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations on your scholarship! Saying “Thank You” to our donors who make scholarships available is very important, and is required in order to receive your scholarship. Please take a moment to fill out the below thank you note (form found after tips).

Tips for Writing Scholarship Thank-you Notes

1. “Dear Friends” or “Dear Generous Supporters” are two ideas for starting your note.

2. Always begin by expressing your enthusiasm and include the FULL NAME of the scholarship you have received (name of scholarship is found in award letter or on StormTrac):

  • Examples: “I am so excited to receive the {Insert Scholarship Name here}.”
    or “Thank you so much for making it possible for me to receive the {Insert Scholarship Name Here}.”

3. Tell the donor a little about yourself:

  • Example: “This year, I am a second-year student in the nursing program. After I graduate in May, I hope to work at Memorial Hospital in the newborn nursery.” 

4. Explain why the scholarship matters to you:

  • Examples: “I work part-time while going to school, so the extra funds from this scholarship will be very important to me.”
    or “I have been on my own for a while now and your support makes it possible for me to stay in school.”
    or “Your generous support means so much to me as I work toward my educational goals.”

5. Always end with signing your first & last name:

  • Examples: “Sincerely, (your name)” or “Thanks again, (your name)” or “My deepest thanks, (your name)” or “With my appreciation, (your name)”

Thank You Note - Scholarship