The Davidson-Davie Foundation
Developing Minds, Inspiring Imaginations!

The Davidson-Davie Community College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed in 1968 to enhance the mission and vision of Davidson-Davie. As long as it has existed, the Foundation has supported the College and its students. In its first year, gifts to the Davidson-Davie Community College Foundation totaled $17,000.

48 years after the creation of the Foundation, assets top $12 million. In the fall of 2011, the Foundation announced a gift of more than $7.5 million from the late Christine Harris of Lexington. The donation was by far the largest gift the Foundation has received and is one of the largest gifts in North Carolina community college history.

The Foundation is a vital resource for the acceptance and solicitation of all gifts for the support of education and the continued growth and progress of the College. It enables Davidson-Davie to grow and meet the needs of its students and community, goals that could not be achieved solely through state funding.

Davidson-Davie Community College is committed to providing educational excellence for its students. Scholarships, programs and new initiatives are possible because of the generous support of individuals and businesses in our community.

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