The DCCC Challenge!

Join us as we play the DCCC Challenge!



The objective?
To encourage faculty and staff giving to the DCCC Foundation through a challenge gift made possible by pledges from DCCC Foundation Directors and DCCC Trustees.

How do we play?
Make a monetary pledge for our 2017-18 fiscal year, which ends June 30, 2018, and let your pledge serve as a challenge to faculty and staff. (Some of you already make an annual gift … great! Just make your pledge below if you’re willing to let us count your regular gift as part of this challenge.) Please make your pledge by December 30, 2017 so that we will know our collective total and can use that number to challenge our campus community.

What will faculty and staff hear about The DCCC Challenge?
In January, faculty and staff will learn that our DCCC leadership has collectively pledged a gift that the DCCC Foundation will receive if at least 55 faculty and staff make a new pledge or gift or raise an existing pledge. (Why 55? It’s a good number! DCCC turns 55 in 2018!) Faculty and staff will be able to make their pledges or gifts after The DCCC Challenge kicks off in January and up through our new DCCC Day of Giving in February.

What do I need to do if faculty and staff meet the challenge?
You make your promised gift by June 30, 2018. You may direct your gift in any way you choose – for example, holiday tribute, end-of-December gift, or golf payment.

What if faculty and staff don’t meet the challenge?
You’re off the hook! (However, as dedicated DCCC leaders, we hope you’ll consider a gift of some size during our 2017-18 fiscal year so that we can tell other prospective donors that we have the full support of our boards.)

So my next step is …

The DCCC Challenge!

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