Campus Fund Drive 2020

Join us for Campus Fund Drive 2020!

The last few months have been difficult and uncertain. Our DCCC faculty and staff have proved over and over how dedicated you are to students’ well-being and success. But we also know how much our students need us, perhaps now more than ever. 

We hope you will start or renew your Campus Fund Drive commitment to our students through this annual effort to support our students through scholarships, programs, and new initiatives. These funds are given to our DCCC Foundation as one-time gifts, pledges for one year, or as recurring gifts with no end-date specified. Gifts can be given easily through monthly payroll deduction, or by cash, check or credit card.

You might not be as desperate to secure your dress-down stickers as you were last year when they made their debut. You know, since we’ve all been working in our stretchy pants for a few months now.

But we still think you deserve those stickers! Especially for those days you’re expected on campus and you can’t remember how to wear dress pants. So once you’ve made a commitment to this year’s Campus Fund Drive, we think you should relax a little, knowing that you’ve made a difference for our students, faculty, and staff, and the communities we serve. Keep on eye on campus mail, and your sticker(s) will arrive … one just for being part of Campus Fund Drive, and more depending on exactly what you commit! 1 sticker = 1 casual day of your choosing. See participation form below to tally your stickers. 

Yes, we continue to have a little fun with Campus Fund Drive. But we’re really serious about how much we appreciate your support. Thank you.


  • Honor/Memorial Gifts